Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth from Home

Sure, nobody is expected to save the earth on their own, but with a tiny bit of effort from everyone, the chances of making this dream a reality increases. Sometimes, doing little things such as paying attention to how you use water and replacing your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs can make the difference. One thing you should know is that going green is not just a responsibility – it’s a privilege. Here are some of the simple things you can do to help save the earth.

1. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
Using energy efficient light bulbs can save you a lot both in cash and energy. For instance, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are energy efficient bulbs that allow you to save more energy when compared to the traditional bulbs. If you are looking to save Mother Nature, start with changing your light bulbs.

2. Conserve Water
Pay attention to water usage in the home. Be sure to turn off the water while brushing your teeth. If you have a leaky toilet, don’t just act feign, call a plumber to fix it. Failing to fix a leaky toilet may result in hundreds of liters of water wastage per day. Also, consider taking shorter showers to lower the use of water. Another area you might want to consider is installing low flow shower heads. Water conservation shouldn’t be confined to the indoors only. You can take it outdoors by watering your lawn only when necessary.

3. Choose Bamboo
Bamboo is fast growing in popularity. Thanks to its fast rate of replenishment, bamboo is indeed environmentally friendly when compared to other types of wood. Rather than use other types of wood for your flooring or furniture, opt for bamboos.

save earth

4. Use Safe Cleaners
A lot of cleaners you buy at the local stores contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to both you and the environment. The good thing is that there are lots of amazing alternatives that not only delivers great result but are also harmless. For instance, vinegar is a great cleaning solution and considered to be a lot more environmentally friendly when compared to chemical cleaning solutions found at the local stores. More so, there are lots of non-toxic and eco-friendly brands out there.

5. Recycle
There are many benefits to recycling unused products. Recycling is one of the ways to save Mother Nature. Recycling not only keeps the environment clean but also offers manufacturers easy access to raw material for making new things. Some of the items you can recycle include the following: newspapers, magazines, glass containers, aluminum, and metal cans.

6. Drive Less
Sometimes, it makes sense to leave your car at home for selected days during the week and use alternative transport. This little act helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by no less than 1,500 pounds annually. If you can’t go a day without your car, consider running all your errands including shopping, and visiting the post office in just one trip. By doing so, you save more money on gas as well.

7. Take a Walk
Instead of using your car, you can choose to walk or ride a bike to your workplace, the doctor’s office, school and anywhere you planned to visit for the day. Not only will you reduce greenhouse gases this way but also burn some calories. If your office is not too close to the house, opt for public transport instead. Leaving your car at home will make a lot of difference.

8. Compost Kitchen Scraps
Think about how much trash you make annually. Reducing the amount of waste your produce can save the environment. This is something you can do without making a major change to your lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people are more interested in recycling waste products and worry less about composing. In some places, compost waste is collected separately from trash. However, you need to separate compost waste from the rest of the garbage first. In addition, compost waste means the use of less space in landfills. Examples of compostable items include dryer lint, fruits and vegetable scraps, flowers, egg shells, garden materials and many more.

9. Decorate with Green Plants
There are many ways to improve the air quality in your home. One way to do this is by using indoor green plants. Enhance your home décor with a green plant. Also, the plant makes your home look more colorful. Green plants can be used to decorate any kind of room. The major challenge is to know the right specie to choose.

10. Let the Sunlight In
The sun is one of the greatest sources of energy today. And as such, you should learn to take advantage of this natural light. For instance, open the blind during the day to allow the natural light brighten your home rather than turning on the light. More so, you get to save more on energy and heating.

It takes nothing to be environmentally conscious!