Ernest Leoty Discount Codes November 2021

Activewear has become one of the most recent obsessions in the fashion industry, and it’s a welcome one at that. More and more fashion-conscious and forward-thinking women have realised the impressive versatility and functionality of activewear. It can be dressed down for a quick run to the grocery, worn as gym wear, or even dressed up for a meeting with friends or lunch at a restaurant. Activewear truly encompasses the contemporary aesthetic and the very modern shift towards minimalism – and Ernest Leoty is a brand that is at the forefront of this movement. A team of fashion professionals works tirelessly behind the scenes as they design tailored, bespoke, and unique activewear pieces. They have seamlessly combined comfort, style, and purpose, so that women can continue to remain active and healthy, even in the midst of their hectic routines. One of the most distinctive aspects of their clothing line is the minimalistic and simple colour palettes and cuts that have come to define their style, inspired by the classic traditions of French tailoring that have long focused on framing and flattering the female silhouette. With Ernest Leoty, activewear has never been more versatile or multi-purpose.