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Depending on your work environment or how much time you spend outdoors, you definitely need the right kind of jackets. More so, workwear is not designed for the work environment alone. It can also come in handy for a casual outing. If you are worried about where to find the best workwear, you might want to check out Fay. Established in the early 80s in the US, the brand came into limelight to provide lasting solutions to the issue concerning low quality work jackets. Originally, the Fay brand focused on the production of technical garments for fishermen and firefighters. However, Diego and Adrea Della Valle came along and took charge of the company to further expand its potentials. But this time, they want to expand beyond the usual scope of workwear; they want their jackets to be acceptable by all and sundry and not just outdoor workers. The newly introduced concept was widely accepted. It became an excellent choice for casual. In addition to the jackets, Fay also offers an array of clothing range but with their primary focus on outerwear. The materials used in the production are top notch and guaranteed to last for a lifetime.