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More About Me And Em

The ME+EM was established in 2009 to offer originator quality at bringing down costs. Baffled by the fact that it was so elusive complimenting, on-slant and delightfully made garments, Clare settled on the choice to offer ladies an answer for this style issue. Utilizing her broad buyer knowledge from 15 years in the publicizing business, alongside a lifetime's affection for fashion and a fixation on fit, Clare propelled ME+EM. They demand garments that truly do everything. They trust that fashion just works when you can wear a piece over and over, and feel totally positive about it. That is the reason they thoroughly alter patterns for wearability and flexibility. Carefully configuration slices and select textures to make garments that influence style to look simple. Garments that you can wear in various blends, similar to fashion Lego. These are pieces ensured to last in excess of one season, taking you from the workplace to nights out; loose ends of the week at home to movements abroad. That is Intelligent Style that is ME + EM. They demand that all that they make is complimenting, on-drift and useful. They were one of the main premium fashion names to pitch directly to the purchaser and offer fashioner quality garments at bringing down costs. They make their pieces much additionally complimenting with the option of virtuoso subtle elements like a side stripe, a split in a pant trim.