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More About Oxfam Online

As a leading charitable organisation, Oxfam takes pride in improving the standards of living for those in the third world and underdeveloped parts of the world. However, they are not doing this alone. They work closely with more 14 organisations whose main priority is alleviating poverty on the face of the earth. Many areas around the world are stricken with poverty and poor living conditions. Unfortunately, you can’t reach these places yourself to provide the much needed but there are charity organizations saddled with the responsibility of raising lives. They target high-risk poverty areas. More so, they are working towards reducing or completing eradicating the impacts of economic injustice on third world communities and underdeveloped countries around the world. In order to raise funds, they have adopted a community-style approach where they sell retail products and clothing. Purchasing from their store not only gives you access to quality pieces of items but also contributing your little way to helping the poor. They have nearly 15000 shops in places across the world where they sell these items. They raise more than 10 million pounds from their fundraising campaigns. These funds are used to fight against poverty and help poor households.