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At Sugar Hill, they want to make incredible pieces of clothing. They need you to love your garments and appreciate wearing them. Sugar hill items are rich in detail offering high caliber, affectionately planned apparel at moderate, high road costs. They center on only planned prints, intarsia and decorated articles of clothing roused by their most loved exemplary styles. By including present-day curves and completes they make a look, which is ladylike yet unfussy and in particular fun. Established in 2006, and run solely from a charming extra bedroom, Sugar Hill's first gathering was a little keep running of hand-colored resort wear. With assistance from huge sibling Pawel thinking ambitiously, perpetual doodling, a considerable measure of long days, some tea and likely an excessive number of scones, Aleks' adoration for form and fun was made into the Sugar hill they know today. In their studios in clamoring Brighton, on the British coastline, their little-gifted group devote themselves to making complimenting simple to wear pieces. Including pretty specifying and select hand-drawn prints created with a boutique, stand-out feel. This outcomes in genuinely stunning, champion pieces, which work with the seasons drift yet will likewise be worn a long ways past them. Sugar hill accumulations encapsulate present-day British style with a lively identity and inventive styling at its heart. They adore making pieces of clothing you'll cherish - despite everything they pride without anyone else daylight.