Yours Clothing Discount Codes December 2021

There have been many wonderful and much-needed changes in the 21st century, with one of them being inclusivity and diversity. Particularly within the beauty industry, there has been a major paradigm shift when it comes to what is perceived as mainstream or conventionally ‘beautiful’. The age where someone had to conform to a strict and rigid physical profile in order to be deemed as attractive is long gone. We’re in an era where everyone is beautiful and valued, regardless of their size, colour, age, or weight. Yours Clothing is a brand at the forefront of this movement. Within the world of fashion, it’s increasingly being recognised that people come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so catering for only one particular height and weight means that a brand is limiting themselves to a very narrow demographic. Still, many plus-sized and fashion-conscious individuals still find that they have less options in mainstream brands. In order to address the problem, Yours has emerged as a brand for trendy and chick plus-sized clothing which is designed to flatter curves. It champions the belief that all women, whether they are curvy or slender, should embrace and celebrate their natural beauty.